Signage... That Reflects In-Game Team Performance?

led%20ribbon.jpgWhile watching a few of the NBA playoffs this past weekend, I began thinking about "signage of the future"... In the past few years, the sports world has seen a number of new advancements in the realm of signage inventory - LED ribbon board, courtside rotational, baseline rotational, 360-degree scoreboard, VMS, digital billboards, ProStar, Galaxy LED, ProFence field displays, fascia, outdoor marquee - teams are starting to cover an array of options.

But with the advancements in LED technology, will we soon see brand messaging that reflects in-game team performance? (This could be happening currently, I just haven't seen it)... Teams could customize brand messaging to fit in-game scenarios. Here are a few examples*:

When the Team is Winning:

  • "The offense is running like a well-oiled machine" (Tie-in messaging for an automobile company)
  • "That score gives them a big cushion" (Furniture retailer)
  • "They've answered the call" (Cell phone provider)
  • "This one's in the bag" (Trash bags, etc. (i.e. Hefty)
  • "They're putting on a clinic" (Healthcare Clinic, etc.)
  • "That's the nail in the coffin" (Morgue services)
  • "Warm up the bus" (Bus Service)

When the Team is Losing:

  • "It ain't over till the fat lady sings" (Jenny Craig, other weight loss companies with unique tie-in)
  • "The wheels just fell off" (Junkyard, Towing, etc.)

During the Game:

  • "Fans, get on your feet!" (Podiatrist, etc.)
  • "You can feel the electricity" (Power/Utility company)
  • "That was a textbook play" (Local university bookstore)
  • "It's Gut-check time" (Specialist/Docter)
  • "The clock is their ally/enemy" (Senior Citizen Center)
  • "(Insert team name) draws first blood" (Red Cross)
  • "Good call by the official" (Miller Lite - "Good Call" Campaign)
  • "Ice the Kicker" / "It's time to milk the clock" (Local grocery store, ice company)
  • "He cleaned his clock" (Clock manufacturer/repair service)

Just a thought. On a side note, I started a Signage Inventory Gallery (a visual representation of the different types of signage in-venue)

*Sports sayings courtesy of: The Sports Cliche List