What Would You Do For UNC-Duke Tickets?

unc%20duke.gifWhat would you do for UNC-Duke tickets... arguably the hottest ticket in all of college sports? At the University of North Carolina, the Carolina Athletic Association (CAA) hosts a contest as part of "Beat Dook Week" that dangles four (4) riser tickets and four (4) lower-level tickets to the game for students who are willing to perform the greatest (craziest) stunts.

The contest is said to get bigger every year... and the 2007-08 season did not disappoint! The "What Would You Do For Dook Tickets" contest is held annually, with a Pokey-Stick eating contest and a soda-chugging contest complementing the promotion in the Pit in 2007-08.

This is a great tactic to drive student fan interest/demand for rivalry games... but most athletic departments would want to act with caution due to the potential legalities with being involved!