Selling "The Bank Shot"

knicks.gifAre you an NBA organization or University athletic department looking for ways to activate partnerships with banks and financial institutions? Take a page out of the New York Knicks' playbook by selling the "Bank Shot".

The New York Knicks are currently featuring the "HSBC Bank Shot", a promotion that rewards a select contestant for "banking their shot in".  The HSBC promotion features a selected contestant who has the opportunity to shoot three (3) free throws - if they can make just one (1), they receive the chance to take a three-point shot for $10,000. If the contestant banks the shot in, he/she wins $15,000!

Organizations and athletic departments can take the Knick's concept of "The Bank Shot" and alter it to meet their own objectives to drive fan awareness in-venue. Some ideas for "The Bank Shot" include:

  • Contestant needs to "bank in" a shot from mid-court to win $10,000
  • Teams/organizations can set up five ball racks around the court. For each "bank shot" a contestant makes using balls off the rack in :30, they can win $100. Teams can feature a green "Moneyball" on each rack that contestants can "bank in" for twice the value