A New Wave in Sneaker Sales...

onitsuka%20tiger.jpgOnitsuka Tiger, a Japanese sports brand, recently launched a sneaker vending machine in London, England. Could this signal a new wave in retail sales for the shoe market? Most likely not, but it could be a great way to offer select merchandise to your fanbase. 

Teams and organizations can leverage similar retail tactics to sell merchandise and offer customized products. While this shoe retail technology is still in the early stages of existence, teams should begin brainstorming new concourse tactics that drive sales without incurring labor expenses. Retail vending machines may signal a great way for teams to offer fans team autographed merchandise (shoes, bats, balls, jerseys, hats, etc.) and excess premium giveaways.

The vending machines that Onitsuka currently uses can sell twenty-four (24) pairs of shoes at a time in six (6) different sizes and mirror a tactic implemented by Reebok in 2004.

Search for innovative ways to drive sales without affecting your bottom line!