Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words...

Allianz%20Arena%20-%20Crowd%20Choreography.jpgOver the past few days, I have posted hundreds of pictures in the two (2) activation galleries, listed in the left sidebar. These galleries are filled with hundreds of innovative tactics, messaging mediums, and portray sports from a global perspective.

One of the primary goals of this website is to provide you, the reader, a better idea of partnership activation from a global perspective, and I think the activation galleries are where you will expand your breadth of knowledge the most.

Some insights you will find within the galleries include:

  • European soccer uses a variety of entertainment to spur fan interest: fire breathers, fire spectacles, and unique crowd choreography
  • Japanese baseball differs from American baseball when it comes to the beer man. The beer man in Tokyo roams the stands with a keg strapped to his/her back... the Japanese also display fireworks during the 5th inning and toss balloons in the air during the 7th inning stretch
  • The Allianz Arena (Munich, Germany) could be questionably the coolest stadium you have ever seen
  • World Cup '06 activation was out of this world - activation ranged from life-sized foosball tables to gigantic, interactive soccer balls placed throughout Germany, the host country
  • Stadiums across the United States feature a variety of unique elements - see for yourself!