Target Aging Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens...

golden%20rays.jpgAre you looking to capture the attention and interests of the aging baby boomer demographic? Are you looking to develop a platform that acknowledges senior citizens in your local marketplace?

Check out the Tampa Bay Rays' innovative "Golden Rays" program, a campaign developed to draw senior citizens in the Tampa marketplace to the ballpark. Golden Rays Plus Memberships are available for just $10 to all Rays fans 55 years of age or over...

Golden Rays Plus Members Receive:

  • One (1) ticket voucher to one of eight (8) select games (the dates vary)
  • One (1) ticket voucher to see either the Yankees or Red Sox play in Tampa
  • $2 off Outfield Tickets and $1 off Upper Deck tickets to Regular Games Monday through Thursday
  • Golden Rays T-Shirt
  • Invitation to attend Exclusive Seminars
  • Golden Rays Newsletter

To sign up, consumers can either fill out a quick information page on the team's website or call 727.342.4774.

By offering direct access to this membership base (or the group database), I would think that the Rays could effectively sell a presenting partnership for this group... As many companies look for new ways to target baby boomers, wouldn't an automobile/healthcare/eyecare/financial company be interested in tying in their business? Offering select discounts/rewards/plans for Golden Rays members? This serves as a great example of how teams can further segment their fanbases to show incremental value to potential partners...

A great initiative to mirror as the baby boomer demographic nears retirement!