Looking to Connect Your Brand with Athletes?

proplayerconnect.jpgSponsors interested in connecting their brands with professional athletes and entertainers should check out Pro Player Connect, an online environment that serves as a portal for connecting businesses and athletes. The site is still in its beta stages but serves as an innovative means for providing companies an easy way identify and connect with athletes interested in engaging in collaborative efforts.

Currently, the site connects businesses with athletes but future plans will enable professional athletes to reach out to businesses and have the ability to connect with other athletes. All sponsors have to do is complete five (5) easy steps:

  1. Identify potential athletes to align one's product/service with
  2. Create an offer on the site
  3. Send the offer directly to the athlete for their review
  4. Communicate through a messaging system
  5. Complete the offer acceptance - five easy steps

The site states that 12,700 offers have been made in its existence and 421 athletes have joined on. The site boasts a solid list of athletes but lacks some star power... Some partnering athletes include:

  • Chidi Ahanotu (NFL – Retired)
  • Darnell Autry (NFL – Retired)
  • Rich Aurilia (MLB)
  • Shawn Barber (NFL – Eagles)
  • Jon Beason (NFL – Panthers)
  • Donald Briere (NHL – Flyers)
  • Chad Brown (NFL)
  • Nate Burleson (NFL)
  • Keith Byars (NFL – Retired)
  • David Carr (NFL)
  • Dallas Clark (NFL)
  • Dale Davis (NBA)
  • Rueben Droughns (NFL)
  • Kasey Kahne (Motorsports)
  • Lawyer Milloy (NFL)
  • Julius Peppers (NFL)
  • Bill Romanowski (NFL – Retired)
  • Steve Smith (NFL)
  • Chester Taylor (NFL)
  • Gino Torretta (NFL – Retired)
  • Michael Waltrip (Motorsports)