Are You Looking To Offer Customized Products?

real-irie.jpgAre you looking to create customized team products? Limited edition apparel/items that are uniquely designed for your organization? After all, these are the items that fans and season ticket holders are looking for...

If so, don't look past the work of Logan Real, an up-and-coming Miami artist who designs custom shoes and apparel for a range of celebrities; from the Miami Heat's DJ Irie to P Diddy to WWE Super Star John Cena. Real specializes in creating custom hand designed work, spanning a variety of items:

  • dj%20iries.jpgShoes
  • Watchbands
  • Dress Belts
  • Photo Wallets
  • Blackberry Cases
  • Wallets
  • shoes.jpgBriefcases
  • Vintrage Dress Watches/Bands
  • Purses / Swimsuits
  • Dog Collars

Logan Real's work has been featured in numerous editions of Ocean Drive magazine and Acclaim magazine and had his products showcased at Superbowl Weekend hosted by ESPN.  

Real's hand painted design work is truly exceptional. If there is an artist to go to in the industry for customized work, he is it! Take a moment and check it out...