Go LIVE With Commercials...

honda.jpgAre your commercials lacking substance? Are you continuously looking for new ways to capture the attention of your target audience during in-game broadcasts?

If so, consider mimicking a commercial stunt similar to the one that Honda aired last night live during the reality show Come Dine With Me on British television. Honda staged the first ever live advert by tasking nineteen (19) skydivers with spelling out the word Honda while descending thousands of feet in the air. The crew had three minutes and twenty seconds to complete the stunt, a campaign that supports Honda's new advertising tagline of "Difficult is worth doing".

Check out the "live" skydiving clip below that Honda successfully performed during the commercial break:

Now, you are probably reading this and consider this new strategy to be crazy, concerning all of the difficulty and risk involved with time parameters, etc. But would you be suprised to see a sponsor perform a similar commercial stunt during an upcoming Super Bowl? Or another large event like the NBA finals, MLB All-Star Game, or the World Cup?

The answer is no, especially as brands continuously search for new ways to promote their products and capture the attention of viewers. With increased choice and viewer fragmentation, don't be suprised to see marketers make more risky, innovative attempts to make their messaging a "must-see" for consumers.