In Case You Missed The ManU-Chelsea Shootout...

I wanted to post the stellar Manchester United-Chelsea shootout from two weeks ago...

Why? Because everyone loves shootouts... and there were a few other key notes:

  • AIG, Samsung, Ford and Heineken receive incredible publicity - the four (4) global brands are engrained in a moment that many Europeans and soccer fans across the globe will NEVER forget
  • 166MM euros were on the line
    • John Terry, who missed the fifth penalty kick for Chelsea (to win) is the highest paid player in the Premier League, making 6.8MM euros per year (130,000 euros per week!)
    • In 2007-08, Chelsea payed out 132.8MM euros (an equivalent of $263MM!) to its players - the highest salary costs of any club in the Premier League (In contrast, ManU spent 92.3MM euros...)
    • Salary costs for Europe's top-flight soccer clubs have risen to a record 63% of the team's overall revenue