Looking to Activate Around Tennis Tournaments?

Are you looking for new ways to drive awareness and trial for your brand around premier tennis tournaments?

You will want to connect consumers with your brand through a personal, 1-to-1 experience... But what is an innovative way to do so?

Beverage, footwear, and sports retailers could consider creating a ping-pong area within the confines of the tennis tournament (similar to the one shown below, but in a larger area) for consumers to kick back between matches and enjoy a game of ping pong with their counterparts... Before or after the experience, brands can have have these attendees trial their products (or with the case of footwear, experience a game of ping pong while wearing XXX shoes). I actually stole this idea from Pong, a storefront located in Manhattan's Lower East Side, that enables visitors to pay $3 apiece to engage in a unique and entertaining table tennis experience... Pong was a three-month experiment by GrandOpening, which is a 400 ft space that reopens with a new theme every three months... A very interesting idea! 

After all, tennis fans have to also be fans of the game of ping pong, right? The best part is that this is applicable to soccer and basketball as well...

  • Soccer - Create a select room within the venue where fans can play foosball
  • Hockey - Create a select room within the venue where fans can play air hockey

ping%20pong.jpgThe Pong experience even enabled consumers to go online and see replays of their match (as seen in the clip below). To extend your engagement with consumers on-site at tennis tournaments, you could consider implementing a similar tactic (with branding in the lower corner and/or a short clip of the consumer interacting with the product during the middle of the replay of the ping pong match.