Capture Your Fans' Social Network

buckssocial.jpgAre you looking to tap into your fans' social network? If so, which non-traditional initiatives have you implemented in the past year to capture their attention in this space?

The Milwaukee Bucks are a leader among others (Portland Trailblazers, Indianapolis Colts) who have made significant efforts to capture their fans' attention in the online space. The Bucks feature a "Social Section" sidebar on the organization's main page, highlighting their presence on Myspace, YouTube, Facebook, and This is a very cost-effective way to drive fan awareness for new ways to connect with the team during the off-season and off-days during the regular season. When you have a moment, check out their sites:

Note: The Bucks didn't hide their social applications within their team site. They created a unique space on the site's sidebar for these elements to live and drive fan interaction. This is a vital component to their success!