Some Notes from Ohio U's Symposium Weekend...

On Saturday of Symposium Weekend, the Ohio University Sports Administration program featured presentations from three alums who have risen to the top of the ranks in their respective industries:

  • Scott McCune - VP and Director, Integrated Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Jim Beeman - U.S. Retail Brand Marketing Director, Nike
  • David Johnston - Director, Sales and Marketing, CBS Collegiate Sports Properties

I wanted to take a moment to share some key information from their presentations as they provided some great insights:


  • Jim talked about shifts in consumer behavior as it relates to consumer experience, customization, digital acceleration and community.


DAVID JOHNSTON, CBS Collegiate Sports Properties

  • The Economy's Effect on The Sports Industry
    • Noted that the economy's current status is the best thing for the sponsorship space because it weeds out all the companies who are not truly committed and makes the industry as a whole less cluttered; added that we should have a better idea of where the idea is headed (and the role/future of rightsholders) in the next three years
  • The Role of Rights Holders in the Industry (i.e. ISP, Learfield, CBS Collegiate, Nelligan, IMG College)
    • Fifty-seven (57) of the major sixty-six (66) university athletic departments have national rights holders
      • Notables that do not have national rights holders: NC State, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Navy, and Notre Dame
  • Outsourcing
    • Companies outsource because of eight (8) primary reasons: Financial stability, expertise, focus, cost savings, capital investment, brand building, tax considerations, and staff compensation limitations
    • There are four (4) primary reasons why organizations choose NOT to outsource: control, tradition, margins, authenticity
  • The Multi-Media Rights "Revenue-Value Model" Consists of:
    • Property Reps
    • Agencies
    • Sponsors
    • Properties (measured based on size (value, relevance) and scope (global, national, regional, local)
      • Cost Centers
        • Players, coaches, facilities, marketing, legal, travel, insurance, event management
      • Revenue Generation
        • Consumer - tickets, development, merchandise, concessions
        • Corporate - sponsorship rights, media rights, apparel rights, pouring rights 
      • Management

SCOTT MCCUNE, The Coca-Cola Company

  • Studies reveal that 79% of Chinese consumers are excited and proud about the Olympic Games
  • Sprite is the #1 Preffered Soft Drink in China; Pepsi is #2; Coca-Cola is #3 (a large reason behind this is that Sprite is a much more favorable drink than Coca-Cola when it is served warm; Coca-Cola's push in China will center around serving ice-chilled Coca-Cola)