If Fans Want Hits... Show Them Hits!

Are you looking for ways to turn casual fans into avid fans? Are you looking for ways to capitalize on the exciting moments of your team's games and/or leverage 2.0 applications?

The Dallas Stars currently feature a "Dropping the Gloves" feature on their team's Myspace page; an innovative strategy that drives incremental traffic and interest to the team's social networking platform. By offering "semi-controversial" content (what the fans really want to see but can prove difficult sometimes to actively promote), the Stars' Myspace page provides a way for the team to leverage thrilling hits, fights, and plays and convert casual fans into avid, supporting fanbase.

In addition to the "Dropping the Gloves" feature, the Stars' organization offers a number of other unique elements on their Myspace page:

  • A variety of unique team videos
  • Team banner ads (for users to copy and paste into their webpages, etc.)
  • Sounds of the Game
  • Custom Myspace graphics
  • Dallas Stars Ice Girls (leveraging the team's partnership with Planet Tan)
  • Approved team links

Check back for more information on unique online initiatives by the Stars organization!