Looking for an Uncluttered Sporting Event?

Are you looking to promote your brand in an uncluttered sports environment? If so, take a quick glance at the clip below of this past weekend's Belmont Stakes. While more companies are starting to seriously consider this space (i.e. the recent efforts of UPS and Hooters), there is still a level of unmarked territory and new technologies (NetJets flying to the Finish signage) that present a number of opportunities for interested corporate partners.

While watching the race, did you happen to miss Hooters' sponsorship activation? The reason is because the NYRA rejected Hooters ' sponsorship for Big Brown on the Friday prior to the race and threatened Big Brown's jockey with a fine if he decided to promote the Hooters brand during the race. The NYRA claimed that it rejected the deal because it served as a conflict for one of its sponsors.