Put Your Brand... In The Mouths of Consumers?

Are you looking for new ways that consumers can consume your brand? Have you considered ways to ensure that this happens, literally?

saturnNate Demercurio featured a great piece on Running the Best Races, a website that details best practices in the running community, on Saturn's new promotional platform for running events. The automotive company found a creative way to brand a premium that event attendees/participants can't resist: apples.

By distributing branded apples on-site, Saturn (a company known for test drives, show cars, and cheer signs) found an innovative way to put their brand in the hands and mouths of consumers on-site. If this tactic doesn't spur Word of Mouth communication, I don't know what will!

To execute the promotion, Saturn called on Fruit Deco, a company that specializes in branding fruit for sales and premium distribution. Fruit Deco sells Seahawks branded apples on their corporate website and offers additional branded items for golf courses, corporate events, and special events... This is definitely a premium item to consider, especially for outdoor events during the summer/spring seasons (MLB, Golf Courses, Running Events, Cycling Events, NASCAR Races, Tennis, Outdoor Activation).

On a side note, Nate has some really great content on Running the Best Races, and I encourage you to check back to his site for more innovative ideas and best practices being implemented in the running community!