AVP Partnership Analysis...

Cuervo%20Musical%20Chairs.jpgThis afternoon I took a deep dive look at the AVP tour to gain a better understanding for the sponsorship landscape (who was partnering with the AVP tour and how they were activating). I was very impressed by the overall layout of the AVP tour and its solid support of corporate partnerships. From an outsider's view, the tour looks to have a solid foundation in place (growing from six (6) events to twenty (20) and zero (0) sponors to twenty (20) under the helm of Gabby Roe) with a good grasp of the sponsorship realm (a very cluttered environment but in a homogeneous yellow fashion).


The AVP recently shifted from a centralized ownership model to one in which local promoters take on event ownership and risk. That business model has attracted the likes of the San Francisco Giants, Hicks Sports Marketing, the Miami Heat, and Nets Sports and Entertainment as local promoters (Sports Business Journal 3.3.2008).

AVP%20Activation2.jpgWho is the AVP fan? (Source: AVP.com)

(Source: AVP.com)
  • 71% of AVP Fans 18-34 Years Old (median age 28)
  • 51% Male / 49% Female
  • 84% attended or attend college
  • 70% make more than $50,000 per year

The AVP's corporate partnerships include (listed in order of overall presence):

  • Crocs (Title Sponsor of the Tour) - Net Signage (rotated in and out), Co-Branded Leaderboard, Tunnel Signage, Entrance Inflatable, Retail Display, Video Board Branding (Banners), Hospitality, Venue Flags, Sand Court Signage (both Crocs logo and actual footwear), Thundersticks, Interactive Volleyball Court, and Clinics
  • Cuervo-Beachups%20Jump%20Stick.JPGCuervo - Net Signage (rotated in and out), In-Game Promotions, Inflatable Beach Ball, "Vive Responsible" Sand Court Signage, Cuervo Girls, Score Tracker Booth, Inflatable Liquor Bottle, In-Venue Margarita Stands, Hospitality, A Vertical Jump Test, and Featured a Cuervo Cabana with Two Bars, a Dance Area, and a Platform to Take Pictures with the Cuervo Girls, "Ultimate Beach Girl and Guy" Competition
  • Bud Light - Net Signage (rotated in and out), Signage (Banner, Sand Court Signage), "Endless Refreshment, Superior Drinkability" Inflatable, Co-Branded Leaderboard, Tunnel Signage, Yellow Umbrella Tents, Bud Light Oasis Zone
  • Paul Mitchell - Net Signage (rotated in and out), Display with Sylists Giving $10 Haircuts, Sand Court Signage
  • Crocs%20-%20AVP%20tour.jpgGatorade - Net Signage (rotated in and out) Sand Court Signage, Inflatable Gatorade Bottle, Tent Umbrellas Situated at Playing Level
  • McDonalds - Sand Court Signage (I'm Loving It / Southern Style Chicken Sandwich / Iced Coffee), Presenting Sponsor of the Beach Girlz musical performance
  • Nautica - Sand Court Signage (The Deck Shirt), Referee Stand Branding, Electronic Board Branding, Swimsuit Branding, Bleacher Flags
  • Wilson - Official Game Ball of the AVP, Huge Inflatable Ball, Sand Court Signage, Display with a Radar Gun for Fans to Test Their Service Speed, Tickets and Hospitality
  • Hilton - Hospitality, Hospitality Tent Branding, Sand Court Signage, Tented Umbrella
  • Naked Juice - Sand Court Signage, Sampling
  • Barefoot Wine - Sand Court Signage, Display that Distributed Prizes to Persons Who Could Serve Volleyballs into one (1) of three (3) baskets, Distributed Free Samples
  • Herbalife - Sand Court Signage, Display Distributed Liftoff Energy Drink
  • Crocs%20AVP%20Atlanta.JPGNature Valley - Sand Court Signage, Distributed Energy Bars
  • PNY (PC Flash Drives) - Sand Court Signage, Product Demos
  • Chevy - Sand Court Signage, Bleacher Flags
  • Banana Boat - Display, Sand Court Signage, Distributed Free Samples
  • XBox 360 - Sand Court Signage, Display Offering Game Console Trial
  • Real Water - Sand Court Signage
  • American Laser Centers - Sand Court Signage
  • Gogie Girl - Signage
  • Sand Socks - Temporary Arm Tattoo on Player
  • Speedo - Swimsuit Apparel

Other local partnerships have included: Georgia Power, Time Warner Cable, Ocean Minded, Game Stop, Cushman Wakefield, and Bally Fitness

For a collection of pictures from the 2008 AVP tour, check out the Activation Gallery.