Drive Eyeballs Towards Your Signage by Activating It!

Are you looking to draw attention to your billboards and messaging? Are you looking to captivate the interests of fans, passerby consumers and likewise draw media attention? Activate it. Make it come to life. How? Check out the two (2) following examples:

Toyota performed an interesting stunt to draw attention to a billboard promoting its Toyota Rav4 and "Serious Fun" messaging in Brussels... The automobile manufacturer enabled street pedestrians to jump on a trampoline in front of the billboard to grab an information packet sitting on top of the outdoor signage... an interactive experience that drew significant attention from consumers passing by in their cars...

Why couldn't a sports organization/brand implement a similar branding initiative to promote an upcoming basketball season? (i.e. persons in team jerseys bouncing on a trampoline and making baskets in front of a team billboard, etc.) Or tennis tournament? (players bouncing in the air swinging rackets) Or an airline partner signaling a tie-in between their services and the flight time players have while dunking? There are many correlations here for sports professionals...

Looking for a more simplistic idea?

The Dubai Tennis Championship creatively used its messaging as a backdrop for a performing artist at a local venue... This practice can be implemented by brands and organizations everywhere; placing the messaging in a locale where consumer's eyes are fixated for long periods at a time... Why don't we see more of this? This is such a cost-effective promotional practice to implement... Develop similar techniques to activate at your local QSR and casual dining partners' locations! Use promotional backdrops for concerts that take place in your venue!