Give Your Signage a "Call to Action"...

Are you looking to drive the effectiveness of your in-venue signage? Are you looking to further your level of consumer engagement at sporting events?

Consider a branding strategy that Dubai Duty Free implemented at the Dubai Tennis Championships (WTA) to promote its Millenium Millionaire promotion (as shown below). Dubai Duty Free leveraged its near-court signage presence to draw awareness and interest of the promotion among both venue attendees and television viewers (who see the perfectly placed promotional signage when the camera zooms in to focus on the player)... Dubai Duty Free also used the signage to promote the chance for viewers/attendees to win a free luxury car by logging into the promotional website (although the picture fails to demonstrate this).


Wouldn't you think that most brands who can afford to pay for premium courtside/field level signage already have a high level of consumer awareness? Why not utilize this asset, when consumers are at their peak levels of avidity in-arena, to: 

  • Promote Sweepstakes/Promotional Offers (i.e. airline uses signage to drive signups for "Free Trip with Dance Team" to Destination XXX on website)
  • Driving In-Store Traffic (i.e. Signage that promotes, "Free Player Bobblehead with Purchase of Combo Meal/Washer at XXX Locations)
  • Driving Online Buzz (i.e. Partner touting viral content / social networking opportunities on their webpage)
  • Drive Fan Loyalty/Rewards (Use video board/staticsignage to post a code/message that all fans in attendance can use to redeem a % off rebate/coupon online within 24 hours after a victory) 
  • Drive Product Awareness (Use signage to promote the availability of licensed products in-store (i.e. team branded chair))

Who does a great job of this? The Lottery. They utilize courtside signage to promote the current jackpot figures (as opposed to just promoting the brand)... Who sees this signage and doesn't then consider going to buy a ticket?