When it Comes to Mobile, Educate Your Fans!

iphone.jpgIn today's industry, sports marketers are offering fans some incredible mobile content... but the masses have yet to jump on board. Why? A recent study by AKQA and dotMobi found that 44% of U.S. mobile users report having had a bad experience in their initial use of the mobile Web (slow connection speeds, poor site display, and cost are the top three (3) reasons respondents cited for being dissatisfied with current mobile Web Services)... 

Case in point: Do you remember Mobile ESPN? The venture failed for a number of reasons, but primarily due to the fact that ESPN thought that consumers loves its sports content so much that they would rush to their wireless services too... By taking a sales-centric approach (remember those continuous, annoying Mobile ESPN commercials?), ESPN failed to educate consumers on the ease of use, the unique content, the functionability of the device, and why it warranted consumers to switch their carrier. The Key Learning? If it didn't work for ESPN, it probably won't work for your organization either. You need to educate.

But there is hope - new technology has an expansive learning curve that spurs consumers to trial, educate, and communicate with their friends. The aforementioned survey found that there is a high level of consumer curiosity about the mobile Web and the services it offers. Roughly 90% of respondents said that they were interested in learning about the space and what it can do. That is astounding!

Educate the benefits and ease of use of mobile offerings to your fanbase through tutorials, news articles, and videos (showing players/team personnel using the widgets/mobile services)... While it is great to feature a collection of mobile services and widgets on your team/event/brand site, one must educate individuals on these services to drive their likelihood of interaction and purchase!