Sell Your Interior Tunnel Signage...

flames.bmpAre you looking to sell additional assets in-area without affecting the fan experience? Have you considered selling your tunnel signage, where players and referees enter the playing surface?

I have attached a Calgary Flames 2008 commercial, which details the interior tunnel signage that the team incorporated with its Nike partnership (seen at the :09 mark in the commercial). As you can tell from clip, Nike does a great job branding the tunnel's interior fasica, driving brand awareness among all persons entering the game of play.

Now, you might ask, who would want to purchase this non-consumer-facing asset? I would think that there are many companies/categories that would be receptive to your sales pitch:

  • Footwear / Apparel (targeting players) - Nike/Adidas/New Balance/Reebok/Under Armour
  • Performance Drink - Gatorade/VitaminWater/PowerAde, Sobe, etc.
  • Water - Dasani/Aquafina,  etc.
  • Banking / Mutual Funds (targeting players) - Bank of America/Wachovia/Fifth Third
  • Insurance (targeting players) - State Farm/Allstate, etc.
  • Investment / Real Estate (Targeting Players)

This asset can either be sold individually or as a complementary asset to the exterior tunnel signage (consumer-facing).