The PGA Tour Presents the Kodak Challenge...

kodak%20challenge.jpgKodak and the PGA Tour recently announced the creation of The Kodak Challenge, an inagural competition that provides players on the PGA Tour with a chance to win $1MM in an eighteen (18) hole competition. Beginning in January of 2009 (coincidentally when Tiger Woods returns), select PGA Tournaments will feature a Kodak Challenge hole. The player that manages to post the lowest score relative to par on eighteen (18) of the Kodak Challenge holes will win the cool $1MM prize.

The Kodak Challenge holes will be pre-determined by Kodak, the PGA Tour, and an advisory board of officials... Players must play at least eighteen (18) holes to be eligible to win. Kodak touts the underlying objective of the promotion as a way to celebrate and capture the PGA's beautiful holes and memorable moments... In other words, develop an innovative promotional concept that drives some direct publicity and attention (and hopefully camera sales) back to Kodak.

Kodak will drive consumer engagement with interactive content available at The promotion is Kodak's way of activating its six (6) year agreement with the PGA Tour, which also includes corporate hospitality benefits and digital scoreboard branding.

I am not sure yet how I feel about the promotion... A lot will depend on Kodak's ability to execute the idea and draw enough fan and player interest... I would be a lot more drawn in if there was an aspect that tied back to golf fans (either on television or attending each tournament where the Kodak Challenge is featured)... To drive consumer affinity, why doesn't Kodak:

  • Create an online offer for a few select fans to be paired up with participating PGA Tour golfers with the chance to win $1MM (i.e. Century 21 Home Run Derby, where the player can win a select consumer a house)
  • Incorporate fans into the hole voting
  • Ask fans to submit their best photos of the selected holes for a chance to win Kodak prizes, etc.
  • Activate on-site with an interactive golf simulator that enables fans to shoot for the closest-to-the-flag position for the chance to win Kodak gear/trip to see the final tournament hole played out
  • Provide fans with a unique opportunity to have their picture taken on the selected hole of each tournament on the Sunday night after the evening takes place (with a select PGA Tour player)
  • Set up a similar consumer promotion offering four (4) select winners the chance to play the nation's eighteen (18) best public courses (travel included) for the chance to win $500,000 or a lifetime supply of Kodak supplies and/or a trip to the Masters