Partnership Categories to Watch: Spas

clippers.jpgAre you looking to fill a partnership category? Have you considered the spas/beautification category? If not, it might be time...


  • Spas are attracting a multitude of consumers of all ages and demographics
    • There are over 14,000 spa facilities in the United States, generating $9.7BN in annual revenue
    • The International Spa Association recently reported that 57MM Americans have visited a spa; more than 30MM have done so in the past year.
      • 1 in 4 Americans have been to a spa
      • Nearly 1/3 of spa frequenters are men (31%)
      • Nearly four (4) million teens have been to a spa
        • 16% of US spas offer teen programs
        • 34% of US spas offer teen packages
        • 17% of US spas offer children packages
  • Spas are are enhancing their offerings and consumers are visiting for a variety of reasons
    • Leading Healthy Lifestyles - 51% of U.S. spas offer educational programs and nutritional consultations; 40% offer healthy eating classes; 26% offer educational offerings on obesity and weight gain issues
      • Spa visits are a necessity and an entitlement
      • Spas are now offering plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, laser eye surgery, and acupuncture
    • High Tech Offerings In a Relaxing Environment - Spas are incorporating Wi-Fi technology and cyber treatments for consumers who need technology even while relaxing
    • Still Considered Luxury Despite Becoming Mainstream - Chic brands (Armani, Versace, Prada) are aligning themselves with spas as the service becomes mainstream (following a trend with purses, watches, etc.)
    • Going Green - 76% of U.S. spas apply environmentally sustainable practices - they also generally offer organic gardens and products and promote a healthy lifestyle

spa1.jpgAt this point, you are probably wondering how this has any relevant tie-ins to partnerships at the team/University level. There are actually a number of applications:

  • Enhance team facilities / player amenities
    • Develop unique spa amenities in the locker room
    • Incorporate spa nutritionist/healthy living education for players and team personnel
    • Incorporate spa amenities into unique stadium elements (pool (Arizona Diamondbacks), waterfall (KC Royals), etc.)
    • More hotel chains are incorporating spas into their footprint; consider aligning/leveraging with chains to reap exclusive spa benefits
    • Professional sports teams use the jet-driven waters of Sundance spas to relieve athletes' injuries and help diminish the build-up of lactic acid in sore muscles.
  • Leverage cheerleaders/dance team/mascot to promote spa/beautification relationship
  • Reward/Treat Corporate Partners
    • Integrate spa offerings into annual summit
    • Show incremental value to local sponsors with free spa access/trips
    • The San Francisco Giants offer "Spa Day at the Ballpark" in select stadium suites
    • Promotional off-site tie-in for corporate partners/fans visiting Spring Training, training camp, fantasy camp, and/or postseason events (i.e. Fantasy Camp Hotel & Spa)
  • Integrate Female Fan Club/Senior Citizen offerings
    • Exclusive trip/retreat for female fanbase alongside players wives/dance team to local spa  
    • The Toronto Blue Jays offer a "Ladies Night Out" Spa contest
  • Drive B2B Business
    • Leverage corporate contacts to drive spa business
    • Offer exclusive benefits for season ticket holders (and/or their businesses) to drive traffic to spa partner
      • Burke Williams offers the Weekday Vacation Club for all LA Clippers season ticket holders
        • Season ticket holders can purchase a $79 Vacation Card and receive 20% discounts on all full-price treatment and products