If You Haven't Joined Linked In Yet, It's Time...

linkd%20in.gifAre you looking to expand your network in the sports business industry? As marketers, we should be looking to expand our knowledge and network of contacts each day...

Looking for a simple goal? Try to establish 52 new contacts each year year (one (1) per week) and begin to identify five (5) individuals that you can consider your "Personal Advisory Board" (per Jim Kahler, Executive Director of the Ohio University Center for Sports Administration). Luckily, we now have social networking platforms (Linked In / www.SportsMarketing20.com) that enable us to reach out and connect with industry leaders.

If you aren't a member of Linked In yet, it's time to join. Specifically, there are two (2) groups that you should consider joining because of their expansive network, newsletters, and career development offerings:

  • Sponsorship Insights (created by Dan Beeman, Beeman Sponsorship Consulting)
  • Sports Marketing and PR Pros (created by Joe Favorito, IFL)

I am also looking to connect with all PartnershipActivation.com readers/users before launching a social networking component that aligns with the site. Please sign up for the Linked In "Partnership Activation Group"  and/or add me as a contact through the link on the left column of this site ... I would love to connect with you and learn ways that I can assist you and your business.

What is Linked In? LinkedIn is an online network of more than 20 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries. The social networking platform includes thousands of sports professionals, marketers, and industry leaders. It's time to join if you haven't done so!