How Big is Your Head on Game Day?

World%20Cup%20Activation%20-%20Big%20Head.jpgAre you looking to create the "next-best" product for sports fans? An idea that capitalizes on fan affinity for star athletes?

Scrolling through some photos online, I came across what I believe will be the next best sports product for fans, a product I will call "Sports Heads"... Can't you just picture thousands of Dallas Cowboys fans purchasing a "T.O. Sports Head"? Or Kobe Bryant? Or LeBron James?

Whichever company/league decides to invest in this initiative will need some upfront some cash to pay for the rights to names & likenesses of each player but there could be some major money to be made here if the product is priced right (and the right retail channels are secured). However, anyone does decide to take this idea and run with it, please include me in a royalties package! 

If you work at Fathead and happen to read this article, PLEASE develop this as a brand extension...