Looking for a Guerrilla Tactic? Try 3D Pavement Art...

Are you looking for a unique guerilla tactic that is sure to drive impressions? Are you looking for an innovative way to powerfully promote your brand outside of your venue?

Consider hiring the services of Kurt Wenner, a professional artist who specializes in 3D Pavement Art... The guy's work is incredible (as seen below with his Lebron James street portrait in Shanghai, China). Wenner began street painting in Rome, Italy in 1982 and has since become an iconic figure in outdoor art. Wenner's 3D art has inspired others, including Julian Beever and Gary Palmer.

Nike%20-%20Lebron%20James%20-%20Shanghai%20-%203D%20Pavement%20Art.jpgCheck out the clip below for more examples of 3D pavement art... This stuff is pretty amazing!