VitaminWater Let's Consumers Hit for $1 Million!

vitaminwater.jpgHow do you drive significant buzz around a jewel event without being a partipating sponsor?

VitaminWater is capitalizing on the Home Run Derby craze by hosting its own hitting competition tomorrow morning on the banks of the Hudson River. From 10am - 1pm, VitaminWater is giving 200 lucky consumers the chance to hit for $1MM!

Tomorrow (Monday, July 13th), VitaminWater is hosting a "Homers in the Hudson" contest on the deck of the Chelsea Piers lighthouse on Pier 61 at 21st Street and the Hudson River. The company is going to feature a 25-foot-high inflatable VitaminWater bottle tied to a floating barge on the Hudson River with a 5-foot hollow glove attached to the top.  There will be a hole inside the glove that consumers must hit off a tee for the chance to win $1MM!  

Yes, the promotion sounds difficult (moving barge, small hole, thousands of ongoers and media attention), but nonetheless, this promotion is an excellent way for VitaminWater to draw some buzz around All-Star weekend without being an MLB sponsor (guerilla at its best!).

There will be a collection of athletes, celebrities, and New York personalities on-hand for the event... not to mention the thousands of consumers who are likely to come out for their chance to retire early.

Note: Each recipient gets one (1) swing. If multiple consumers win, the $1MM jackpot will be split equally.