Are Your Promotions Socially Responsible?

jmcmurray.bmpHave you considered tying your partnership around a "socially responsible" campaign? Have you considered new, unique ways to bring athletes that represent your brand to the people? Are you looking to create a promotion that saves consumers some cash, especially when they travel long distances to your events?

IndySafeRides3.JPGCrown Royal is offering a promotion where Jamie McMurray, driver of the #26 Crown Royal Ford Fusion, will pick up several lucky fans in Indianapolis from their favorite bar or restaurant and give them a free safe ride home on July 24th... The initiative, part of Crown Royal's 'Safe Rides Home' program. McMurray will moonlight as a taxi cab driver as he leads a fleet of eight (8) replica No. 26 Ford Fusion cars around downtown Indianapolis to provide late-night transportation and spread the message about the importance of designated drivers.

Crown Royal's 'Safe Rides Home' initiative is in its fourth year of existence and has proved to be a very successful program supporting the company's 'Be a Champion. Drink Responsibly.' campaign. In the past three (3) years, the program has saved bar patrons nearly $15,000 in taxi fees!

This promotion is a tremendous idea that all brands and organizations can consider implementing to promote responsible drinking... Possibly create a promotional extension where a player/team personnel drives select fans to or from a game?

Here is a clip of Crown Royal's messaging efforts around the campaign in 2007:

Special thanks to Zach Nobinger of Taylor PR for his contributions to this column.