Looking to Target C-Store Partners?

kc3.jpgAre you looking for new ways to derive value out of a c-store partner? During troubling economic times, are you looking for new "consumer-facing" ways to demonstrate incremental value at lesser costs?

Consider a strategy that the Sprint Center and QuikTrip recently collaborated on as part of a multi-year partnership. The Sprint Center provided QuickTrip the opportunity to become the first c-store to ever open up a retail location inside an actual arena. The QuikTrip offers a unique selection of sandwiches, cookies/pastries, slurpees, and energy drinks at costs less than nearby Levy Restaurant concessions.

qtrip.jpgHow did the Sprint Center pull this off with having a concessionaire in-house? QuikTrip, as one of the arena's ten (10) founding partners, has a separate deal with arena concessionaire Levy Restaurants. QuikTrip uses Levy’s point-of-sale system and shares a portion of store revenue with Levy. None of QuikTrip's items directly compete with Levy offerings and all perishable items that go unsold on game night are given to consumers as they leave the Sprint Center...

This is a great example of a way that the Sprint Center discovered they can show direct, measurable value back to QuikTrip and also provide a unique stadium element that demonstrates value to consumers...

The results? On many game nights, fans line up and wait for up to twenty (20) minutes to purchase items in the QuikTrip retail location. QuickTrip is now considering the thoughts of opening a similar location within the BOK Center, Tulsa's 18,000 seat arena set to open in September.

Check out a quick tour of the Sprint Center's QuikTrip below: