Are You Looking to Activate Within the Running Space?

Are you looking to activate within the running space? Are you looking to gain a better understanding for different ways that sponsors are leveraging their marathon, triathalon, and 5K assets? Are you looking to enhance your knowledge of running events from the ground up?

Look no further than Nate Demercurio's website, Running the Best Races.

Nate does a tremendous job providing an in-depth perspective of activation tactics, technology, and sponsor involvement in the running space. In the past few weeks, Nate has posted some great articles on:

  • Leveraging Cheer Boards
  • Maximizing Venue Setup Space
  • Investing in Mobile Billboards
  • Creating Video and Mobile Vehicle Displays
  • The Impact Technology has had on the Running Industry
  • Audio Entertainment
  • Sponsorship Integration Ideas
  • Maximizing Retail Displays
  • Parking Strategies

Continue to expect some great content from Nate's website. If you are looking for some insiders knowledge on activation tactics, best practices, and quality events in the running world, he is an ideal contact. Check out his site here!