Drive Team Interest at Retail...

Are you looking for a unique way to drive interest for your organization at retail? Are you looking for new ways to integrate QSR and casual dining partners?

During the early part of the 2008 MLB season, Norm's Eatery and Ale House in Seattle created a unique promotion to drive sales for their featured brew. The team created "Cheap Sex Monday", a promotion that bases the price of their brew on the batting average of Richie Sexson. The restaurant began the offer when Sexson's batting average dipped to .167 (offering the featured beer for $1.67). The promotion proved to be extremely popular among consumers and will continue as Sexson gets a fresh look as a new member of the New York Yankees (his batting average is now up to .219).

With alcohol regulations varying from state to state, organizations should consider developing similar promotions with their retail partners (Casual dining, QSR, wholesale retailers, electronic retailers, etc.). Teams and partnering retailers can base product offers on:

  • Batting Average (as seen below)
  • ERA (team, player, closer, etc.)
  • Home Runs per game
  • Goals
  • Number of three-point field goals
  • Free throw percentage
  • Number of goals scored
  • Penalties
  • Laps

... and plenty of more... It just takes a little bit of creativity!