The Brewers Hit the Jackpot with Powerball...

Are you looking for an effective way to leverage a lottery partner?

The Milwaukee Brewers currently feature "The Powerball Home Run Leaderboard" on their team website. The interactive web feature enables Brewers fans to see the top five (5) home runs of the week and provides detailed information on the team's home run totals. The feature is unique in the way that it is presented (click through the link to see) to users on the Brewers' site. The team supports the online initiative with an effective banner ad campaign.

Are you looking to implement a similar tactic? Organizations in other sports leagues can consider pitching similar "Powerball" web tactics:

  • Basketball Organization - Element displaying the top three (3) pointers of the week
  • Tennis Organization - Element displaying the top five (5) serves/aces of the week
  • Golf - Element displaying the top five (5) drives of the week
  • Football - Element displaying the top five (5) field goals of the week

Can we please see a team install a large lotto element (lotto machine filled with balls) in-venue that posts HR totals/distance (similar to the C-IT-GO feature at Miller Park?). The element could be called "The Powerball Tracker". This would be an extremely popular feature that would resonate highly with consumers and would carry higher consumer recall than traditional wall signage.