How Do Fans Capture Your Events?

dave.jpgHave you ever considered how many fans capture in-game entertainment at your events on their phones, cameras, and video cameras? Have you considered different ways to leverage this footage?

Brands and organizations need to begin scouring YouTube and to gain a better understanding of their game experience "from a fan perspective", find ways to leverage amateur photography and footage, and do a more effective job of controlling their own messaging. What am I getting at?

Take a look at the four (4) clips below which provide four (4) different angles of "Crazy Dave", a drunk Boston Celtics fan, running onto the field at Fenway Park after making a $100 bet with some LA Lakers fans that he could slide into second base. It turns out that "Crazy Dave" had alerted numerous fans that he was going to attempt this "feat" and even had a friend capture the escapade for his own personal collection... Fans across the stadium captured the event on video, providing different perspectives for how the event was perceived...

Hopefully these clips will spur you to search online for different ways that fans are capturing their time spent at your events... Consider hosting a fan video/photography feature (sponsored by Canon, Sony, Kodak, FujiiFilm, etc.) on your website and/or utilizing these search processes as a way to control your organization's brand image!