Introducing a Revenue Generating Widget...

vortex.jpgAre you looking for ways to penetrate the social networking space? Or better yet, derive revenue from this channel?

I recently had a great conversation with Ed Trost of Real Time Matrix about a widget his company created that serves as a great forefront for teams/organizations looking to enter the social networking space. Real Time Matrix's new widget, the Vortex, allows teams/organizations to deliver video, ticketing, and news feeds (personalized content) directly into users' online social networking spaces.

The widget technology offers teams/organizations a new media channel to sell advertising inventory, integrate corporate partners into video clips, and drive awareness for corporate promotions/events through news feeds. The Vortex technology is a relatively inexpensive upfront cost that is structured as a revenue sharing model based on CPM's. 

Which organizations are using the Vortex technology?

  • The Vortex widget is currently being implemented by Major League Soccer and each of its member organizations.

How do consumers use the Vortex technology?

  • All consumers have to do is click the "copy me" link on the Vortex application and fill out some requested information. Once this step is completed, users are given an HTML code which thay can then embed in their desired social networking location. Users can find different "shareable" Vortex downloads on NetVibes, Real Time Matrix's website, and each of the MLS' respective sites.
  • Real Time Matrix now offers a "Find us on Facebook" button that enables users to directly feature the widget technology in their Facebook pages.

How do you make effective use of this technology?

  • Prominent website placement (if you are trying to drive this virally, you cannot hide it on your team website. Feature the Vortex widget technology on a sidebar of the main homepage or on a Downloads Tab that is directly accessible by fans)
  • Devote adequate time and resources (Users are looking for unique content - find ways to deliver this through the Vortex widget (i.e. Dallas Stars' "Dropping Gloves" feature; behind-the-scenes video, etc.)