Looking for a Way to Tie-In a QSR and Lottery Partner?

scratch.jpgAre you looking for a way to create a traffic-driving retail promotion? Are you looking for a way to tie-in a QSR and Lottery partner to create a unique promotion?

A Burger King store franchisee in Qatar is currently running an in-store scratch off "Win Win" promotion that is drawing serious attention. The franchisee has created a scratch-off promotion offering 65,000 prizes for consumers looking for an extra incentive to eat at Burger King locations throughout Qatar... All consumers have to do is visit any Burger King outlet in Qatar, buy a Mega meal (Large Fries and Soft Drink), and get an instant scratch off coupon. That's it. The promotion is available to all dine-in, take out, drive through, and home delivery customers.

The prizes at stake?

  • A Kia Opirus, round trip tickets from Qatar to Dubai, 32" televisions, DVD's, Laptops, and gifts from Coca-Cola and Nescafe, and Circus Land

The promotion's success?

  • Through twenty (20) days of the promotion, over 30,000 scratch off cards have been distributed.

Now, legalities vary state-by-state, but why couldn't a professional franchise consider implementing a similar promotion by tying in a QSR (or any retailer for that matter) and a Lottery partner? We have recently seen a surge in "scratch off promotional activity" among teams; isn't it only a matter of time before this translates into the retail space? Upfront costs may deter some, but these expenses split between three (3) parties - all with something to benefit - could be a very effective retail traffic driver that creates "team buzz" and an instant craze for scratch-off tickets (i.e. McDonalds Monopoly Game) at retail chains throughout the local DMA.

Teams could distribute branded "instant scratch-off cards" to a local franchisee chain (i.e. Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy's, etc.) within a 75-mile radius that offer consumers the chance to instantly win tickets, exclusive VIP experiences, exclusive meet-n-greets at XXX store locations, and an ultimate prize of "A Trip for Four on the Team Plane to An Away Game" (dinner with the team owner on the plane provided by XXX retailer). The promotion can be tied to consumers ordering a specific menu item (a product the QSR is pushing into the market/has sluggish sales/is team specific), a combo meal, or driving store traffic at a certain time of day (breakfast/lunch/dinner/weekends, etc.).

To support such a promotion, teams would need to set up a will call booth at the stadium to validate all winning entries (tickets, exclusive appearance logistics), provide an informative website (rules, regulations, prize offerings), offer in-store POS displays, and provide some online media support to drive awareness.