Are You Looking to Make Your Signage Pop?

Are you looking to make your signage pop in-venue? Are you looking for a new inventory piece that has proved successful internationally but has yet to be implemented in the United States?

There is a company called Logo Paint ( that specializes in creating 3D signage and field boards for a variety of sports (soccer, motor sports, basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, etc.). Logo Paint patented its signage product in 1997 and is now one of the world's largest suppliers of 3D signs to sport arenas and events in the world. The company currently delivers 3D signs and technology to 30+ countries, either directly or through associated companies, partners or agencies.

Logo Paint's two (2) primary products are:

  • 3D Signage
  • 3D Field Boards

Logo Paint will be one of the "next big things" in the United States as teams continuously look to provide supporting partners new ways to capture their target audience. It is only a matter of time before we begin to see this state-of-the-art signage piece pop up everywhere from NASCAR tracks to basketball courts to MLB fields.

Logo Paint's contact for the United States is based out of Brazil, look for more companies specializing in this product to expand into the United States:


Mr. Eduardo Leite

Rua Conde de Irajá, 260 3º andar

22271-020 Rio de Janeiro (RJ)  BRAZIL

Phone: + 55 21 25 37 47 79 Fax: + 55 21 22 86 83 19

E-mail: eduardoleite(at)