Use SMS Messaging to Capture Post-Game Traffic

Are you looking for new ways to utilize partnerships to drive retail traffic? Are you looking for new technology that will help you capitalize on consumer interests? Are you looking for new ways to support QSR partners?

Teams and sponsors alike should consider brainstorming effective ways to utilize SMS messaging to drive store traffic post-game. Mango Mobile, among other leading technological based companies, have aligned with many leading companies (e.g. McDonalds) to create powerful mobile coupon programs that are geared to drive store traffic. But, how so?

The Atlanta Braves could create a text-mobile coupon program that rewards fans every time the Braves hit two (2) home runs during a game. The Braves and Chick-Fil-A can create unique "Two for $2" video board and LED messaging to drive awareness for the home run driven promotion each game. Every time the Braves hit two (2) home runs, the team can post:

  • LED Ribbon Board messaging that says, "Fans, text  "Braves" to "2424U" to receive a coupon for a Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich for only $2 after the game"
  • Video Board Messaging that explains to fans in attendance that they will receive a mobile coupon, good for a $2 chicken sandwich at all local Chick-Fil-A retail locations for up to four (4) hours after the game. All fans who text "Braves" to the select number will receive a mobile coupon sent directly to their cell phone by the end of the game. To redeem the coupon for a $2 Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich, fans would then only have to show the cashier their mobile coupon to receive the discount.

McDonalds has been implementing similar initiatives overseas (pushing late night meals after consumers go to movies, clubs, and other forms of entertainment). It is only a matter of time before we start to see more sports teams in the United States incorporate such technology to drive retail traffic!

While this strategy may not be as effective for some big-box retailers such as Best Buy and Target (are consumers in the mindset to go shopping immediately after attending a game?), there could be some real value here for restaurant/QSR and apparel partners.