Align with Retail Partners to Create Customized Products...

Have you considered collaborating with a local retail partner to create a customized product?

The Brooklyn Cyclones recently aligned with 7-Eleven to create and sell a Brooklyn Cyclones Slurpee. The product, a mix of Mountain Dew Blue Shock and Berry Citrus flavor, will be sold in a 32oz collectible cup adorned with an image of a Cyclones player and the team's 2008 game schedule. The product marks the 1st time that 7-Eleven has ever made a team-specific cup.

The Cyclones promoted the launch of their new 7-Eleven slurpee by featuring a few players and the team mascot on-site. In addition, the Cyclones distributed two (2) free tickets to the first 100 consumers who purchased a Brooklyn Cyclones slurpee and hosted a variety of other contests to distribute prizes.

The Brooklyn Cyclones slurpee was first made available on August 1st and will be sold at participating 7-Eleven locations in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, and The Bronx.

The Cyclones-7-Eleven partnership is signaling a trend for ways that teams and retail partners are collaborating to generate sales and awareness (thereby driving value). The industry is seeing more and more teams beginning to create customized products at retail (e.g. Philadelphia Eagles donut at Dunkin' Donuts) as it has proved to be an effective sales strategy in regional markets where fan affinity is high. Look for more franchises leveraging their retail/c-store partnerships to create customized products!