Looking to Promote Your Partnerships at Retail?

Are you looking to drive awareness and consideration for your partnerships at retail? Are you looking to effectively market your affiliation with local events?

GE Money Bank recently developed a unique campaign to promote its sponsorship of the Czech Olympic Team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. GE Money Bank re-fitted the exterior appearance of a few of its locations in high-traffic areas to mirror key sports events taking place at the Olympics.

The company featured a pole vaulter outside its Plzen branch and a long jump in front of its Mlada Boleslav bank location. To spur excitement among corporate employees, GE Money Bank even built a full-size 100m running track at the company's headquarters. The windows at all of the bank's regional locations were covered in sporting scenes, attracting the interests of consumers passing by.

The results? Since teaming up with the Czech Olympic Team in early 2008, GE Money Bank claims to be one of the most recalled partners of the team, with the partnership awareness increasing by 160% in the first month of the campaign (CMD).