Gila River Casinos Offers DBacks Fans A Chance to Win Big...

Are you looking for an in-game promotional concept that will capture the attention of all fans in attendance? Are you looking for an idea that will generate a multitude of media impressions?

The Arizona Diamondbacks recently collaborated with Gila River Casinos to create an in-game "Gila River Casinos Million Dollar Hit & Win" promotion. During each Diamondbacks home game (from July 18th through the remainder of the season) randomly selected section(s) will be deemed the "Gila River Casinos Million Dollar Hit & Win Section". If a Diamondbacks player hits a home run off the Gila River Casinos target in left-center/righ-center field during the 4th, 5th, or 6th inning, eligible fans in the selected section(s) will win Circle K gift cards worth a combined total of $1MM. The Diamondbacks have also opened the promotion up to fans everywhere - five (5) fans not in attendance will be selected from mail-in entries to participate in each game promotion.

The actual amount of the gas cards distributed is dependent upon the number of eligible fans in the winning sections that are 21+and have a valid ticket for that section. The targets are located 425 feet from home plate, making a HR off the target a feat in itself. The team selects the "lucky sections" when it lowers the targets from the LED boards during the bottom-half of the fourth inning. To claim their prize, fans just have to fill out a completed affadavit form and submit it with their ticket stub to Diamondbacks representatives located at the Hit & Win Headquarters in Section 300.

Looking for more information on the promotion? Send an email to

A special thanks to Kristie VanEngelen of the Arizona Diamondbacks for her contributions to this column.