Are You Living in the Moment of Exclusivity?

Is your brand living in the "moment of exclusivity" in-venue? Are you selling the "moment of exclusivity" to your corporate partners?

MediaPost Publications recently featured an interesting article on how "the moment of exclusivity" has quickly become the newest buzz word in the sports biz. What is it exactly? When teams convert every piece of digital signage in-venue to display a select brand's messaging at a given moment during a game. For example, teams can control the in-venue signage so that if a fan leaves his seat to go to the bathroom and misses the massive Sprite ad on the center-hung LED scoreboard, he/she will see the same branding on the LCD monitors mounted outside the restrooms.

Who is doing it? Currently, only a handful of powerful brands (e.g. Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, etc.) have invested in the opportunity to own a given moment in-game. As properties update their signage, eliminating static panels, the industry will see more and more brands investing in "the moment".

Stay tuned for more information on strategic plans that brands are implementing to differentiate themselves in-venue...