Are You Looking to Leverage Media Partners?

Are you looking to activate your organizaton's partnership with a local media outlet? Are you looking to gain additional media exposure at minimal cost?

Marketing representatives at Whataburger Field, home to the Corpus Christi Hooks, created a unique outfield branding piece to drive awareness of their local media partner, Channel Six (displayed in the picture below). The team used "Hit the 6" messaging to drive impressions in-venue (and hopefully some greater visibility on the network's sports coverage).

Teams can take similar tactics to the next level by creating a "Channel Six Fan of the Game" promotion during every home game played at the ballpark. If a home run hits the designated sign, the selected contestant could win the opportunity to be featured live on the channel's television coverage (a benefit that would generate increased media exposure and fan interest despite coming at zero cost for the team). The team can complement the fan's prize pack with six tickets, hot dogs, and drinks to the game of his/her choice.

Other sports properties can implement similar tactics:

  • Hockey - Dasherboard ("Check Channel XXX") - If a player on the home team checks an opposing player into that dasherboard, the "Channel XXX fan of the game" will be featured on the nightly sports coverage
  • Golf - Align a television partner with a hole (e.g. Channel 7 with Hole 7). If a player eagles that hole, the select consumer will be featured on the news, etc.
  • Soccer - Create a similar tactic for a field board that is located behind one of the goals. If a soccer kick misses the net and hits the field board, the select contestant will be featured on the news, etc.