Score with Soccer Net Branding...

Are you looking for a unique way to separate your brand in the soccer and hockey space? Are you looking to capitalize on branding successes from relative sports?

In recent years, Allstate has captured significant attention in the collegiate space with its branded field goal nets. Through the creative branding initiative, Allstate effectively portrayed its “Your in Good Hands with Allstate” messaging when field goals were kicked through the uprights and into the Allstate hands.

As consumer awareness grew for this unique branding tactic, competitors within the insurance category raced to brand similar performance-level assets that garner high media impressions (e.g. State Farm branding the basketball hoop arm at many Universities).

But when will this creative tactic be introduced in the soccer space, particularly in Major League Soccer and the Premiership? Brands looking to separate themselves from the rest of the pack within these leagues should consider asking for and implementing such a tactic that can provide considerable media impressions, especially during the penalty kick stage of premier events.

Per the direction of the league and/or teams, soccer net branding can either face in (facing the action captured on television) or face out (as shown above), capturing the attention of fans seated behind the goal (but it would have to be in a non-intrusive manner).

Here are some ways that brands can benefit from soccer net branding:

Brand Awareness

  • Target – The mass retailer could brand the four corners of the net with its signature logo. The “Target logos” would appear to be targets for the shooter (in this case, the net could be branded or the logos could be artificially put in (similar to the first down line in the NFL)
  • Other potential brands could include: Allstate (and companies withlogos that also are applicable), Mastercard,etc.

Product Trial & Promotion

  • A beverage/product company can brand all four (4) corners of the net and offer a promotion where all consumers in attendance will win a free XXX if a player on the home team hits one of the targets during regulation. The provider can also make the branding consumer-facing by offering similar nets with brand targets setup throughout the concourse and interactive levels.

Retail Traffic and Sales Drivers

  • Retailers and QSR’s can set up tournament-long promotions offering a free XXX or discount off purchase every time a select player (e.g. David Beckham) scores a penalty kick goal that appears to hit one of the targets. This type of promotion will drive incremental interest throughout tournament play, which can extend over a lengthy period.