Leveraging the Periods of Play to Your Benefit...

Are you looking for new performance level inventory to offer corporate partners?Are you looking for an interesting way to leverage partners within the financial and tax sector?

The Washington Wizards features a unique piece of on-court signage during their home contests at the Verizon Center – signage that dictates the quarters of play. The Wizards signage, held by the team’s dancers courtside, mirrors ring cards displayed in the sport of boxing.

This is a great branding piece that teams can potentially sell to corporate partners. Organizations can consider selling such inventory to financial, tax, and accounting firms who may be looking to sell consumers on different services that they provide during specific quarters of the year.

For example, the Washington Wizards can sell “1st Quarter and 4th Quarter” signage to firms like H&R Block that specialize in tax service offerings during the first and fourth quarter periods of the year. The Wizards can accompany this signage with PA Announcements, video board vignettes, and an ribbon board LED presence to increase consumer retention levels amongst fans seated throughout the arena.

The same tactics can be applied within the NFL/AFL (quarters) and the NHL (overtime – utilizing a cell phone partner, e.g. Are you using overtime minutes?).

Fans take pride in saying that the fourth quarter belongs to their team. Take advantage of this by incorporating your supporting partners’ brand objectives into the messaging mix.