NFL Fantasy Files Draws Millions of Impressions...

Over the past three (3) years, the NFL and Reebok have collaborated with Blue Room on an incredible viral campaign called the NFL Fantasy Files. The clips, designed to drive traffic to, were broadcasted online and on video boards in stadiums across the nation.

The viral program has been incredibly successful… generating 4.7MM YouTube impressions.

The campaign started in 2006 with three (3) viral features (Neil Rackers, Chris Simms, and Braylon Edwards) and was continued in 2007 with six (6) additional features (Marques Colston, Mike Nugent, Andre Johnson, Jason Campbell, David Akers, and Marc Bulger).

The two (2) parties are collaborating on another set of videos in 2008. Thus far, The Fantasy File series includes features from Laurence Maroney, Mason Crosby, Chris Cooley, and Chris Chambers.

When you have a moment, check out the videos below – they are a MUST SEE (while watching, brainstorm some ideas of how your organization/supporting partners can create similar viral tactics to stimulate buzz and relevancy):

Neil Rackers Video Clip

Chris Simms Video Clip

Braylon Edwards Video Clip

Marques Colston Video Clip

Mike Nugent Video Clip

Andre Johnson Video Clip

Jason Campbell Video Clip

David Akers Video Clip

Mark Bulger Video Clip

Laurence Maroney Video Clip

Mason Crosby Video Clip

Chris Cooley Video Clip

Chris Chambers Video Clip

A special thanks to ViralBlog for their August 6th feature on the success of this viral campaign.