Create Promotions That Engage Fans...

Are you looking for a new way to engage fans in-venue?

The York Revolution, a member of the Freedom Division of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, has aligned with Pizza Hut to offer a unique "K-Man" promotion. During team introduction prior to all home games, the team selects a player on the opposing team to be the "K-Man" of the game. If the Revolution strike out the designated "K-Man", all fans in attendance can redeem their game ticket for a free order of breadsticks at a local Pizza Hut location. The promotion is extremely popular with fans.

The same principle can be applied in practice for:

  • Hockey - Fights/Penalty Minutes
  • Football - Pass Interception, Fumble
  • Basketball - Turnover, Blocked Shot, "Foul Out"
  • Soccer - Yellow Card, Goal Allowed
  • Tennis - Fault, Ace

Check out the video below to learn how the York Revolution implement the "K-Man" promotion.