Have You Considered Implementing Promotions That Have Proven to be Successful in Other Sports?

Are you looking for a new way to capture the attention of fans in attendance? Have you considered implementing promotions that have proved successful in other sports?

The Lakewood Blue Claws, a Class A minor league baseball team, currently offer a half court shot promotion that has proven to be widely popular among fans (as shown below). The Blue Claws created a mobile version of the half-court promotion, which typically would take place during timeouts, halftime, and pre-game entertainment of basketball games.

The fact is that successful promotions translate with fans, no matter the arena of play. With fan avidity levels rising across the board (and many fans considering themselves fans of multiple sports), consider finding ways to implement promotions that have proven successful in other sports leagues!

Check out the clip below that dictates how the Blue Claws implement the half court shot promotion.