Have You Considered Enhancing Your Venue's Restrooms?

Are you looking for new ways to entertain fans at your venue? Have you considered enhancing the bathroom experience for your fanbase?

A horse racing venue in Mexico created a unique way to entertain consumers attending and betting on races at the track. Track representatives branded each of the bathroom stalls with a different horse color/number (portraying that consumers would be racing against one another when going to the bathroom).

This simple, yet extremely creative entertainment tactic can be implemented by venues and organizations in a variety of different means:

  • Horse Racing - Implement a similar tactic using the horses racing in the day's featured race
  • NASCAR - NASCAR tracks could feature an extremely similar tactic using the numbers/colors of fan favorite drivers on the circuit (e.g. a #20 orange/black sign hanging over the toilet representing Tony Stewart alongside a blue/yellow #48 sign representing Jimmie Johnson, etc.)
  • NBA/NFL/NHL - These organizations can create numbered stalls representing players on the home/visiting team. Believe it or not, there are Boston Celtics fans out there who would like to say that they went to the bathroom in Kevin Garnett's stall during halftime.
  • MLB - Offer a "Match the toilet with the Inning" promotion, where fans have a chance to be rewarded for their bathroom experiences. Teams can brand nine toilets (#1-9) and feature a receipt machine near each toilet. During each inning the machine will give a redemption receipt to fans who use that toilet. If the home team scores the most runs during the 1st inning, fans who use toilet #1 can redeem their "redemption receipt" the next game for a discount on beer/non-alcoholic beverage at a select concessions stand.

Does this idea sound interesting but your organization/venue doesn't want to pay the costs? Bring on a paint vendor, local print/copy service, and/or bathroom/plumbing provider to serve as the presenting sponsor...

Some other guerilla bathroom renovation ideas include:

Phoenix Coyotes Fan Mirror (previously posted on PartnershipActivation.com)

HeadwearMirrors (Give Your Fans Horns - potentially relevant for the University of Texas, Minnesota Vikings, South Florida etc.) (or similar headwear for other organizations)

Toilet Entertainment (Guerilla Soccer Games)