Do You Want Team Employees to Live and Breathe Your Brand?

Are you looking for ways to have team employees live and breathe your brand? Are you looking to instill your corporate culture in the stadium environment?

Sports Business Journal featured a very interesting article this week profiling Red Bull's efforts to drill its brand messaging into the minds of the New York Red Bulls team staff. Team management hired Global Interface Consulting Group to create a course teaches the principles of the Red Bull brand to all stadium employees held under contract. Everyone from team staff to custodians to security guards will be required to attend the training session, which details company information, game day expectations, and the roles of personnel on-site. The team estimates that 1,500 people will take the course.

The "brand education" sessions are being implemented as the New York Red Bulls prepare to launch their new stadium in Harrison, New Jersey in 2009/2010. Check back for more details on the team's preparations and other innovative brand building strategies!