Are You Maximizing the Value of Your Giveaways?

Are you receiving maximum value from the stadium giveaways that your company endorses?

Giveaways have become commonplace in today's sports society. With teams distributing giveaways on a regular basis (the Florida Marlins offered 140 giveaways/promotions in 2008), fans have come to expect these items when they head to the ballpark for a game... Unfortunately, giveaways are still considered commonplace in the eyes of many sponsors as well.

Who has done an effective job leveraging their premium giveaway nights?

AIG's execution of their "Endy Chavez Bobblehead Night" on July 13th, 2007 was exceptional:

  • AIG distributed 25,000 branded Endy Chavez bobblehead boxes to Mets fans
  • AIG  promoted the giveaway to fans entering the stadium gates using billboards adjacent to the stadium ticket box office
  • AIG reiterated their sponsorship of the giveaway in-game using the main video board and alternative outfield signage 

AIG after all had good reason to exhaust so much energy into the Endy Chavez Bobblehead Night. Chavez made an exceptional catch while crashing into the AIG outfield wall signage during Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS, a moment that provided AIG significant publicity in print publications across the globe. Three (3) weeks after the sensational catch, AIG's earnings and shares surged to their highest value in 21 months!